Meet the Chef

Irene Verceles

We are excited to announce Beachside Restaurant’s new Executive Chef, Irene Verceles. Irene has served as the Sous Chef for Jamaica Bay Inn’s restaurant since 2021 and played a big role in ensuring
high standards of food quality and customer satisfaction, while developing seasonal dishes centered around traditional, yet bold and unique flavors.

Native to LA, Chef Irene’s love for cooking began at a young age. When her mother’s microwavable meals became repetitive, she started cooking for herself and developed her love for all things sweet.
Today, if she is not in the kitchen overseeing the preparation and activities of cooks or creating new and intriguing dishes, you can find her at the local farmers market searching for seasonal fruits and produce
to incorporate into her dishes and homemade ice cream. In her free time, Chef Irene likes to visit nurseries to buy plants for her own patio garden, spend time with her four dogs, and bake desserts.